I just wanted to thank you so so much for your time, creativity, and patience. The end result is absolutely beautiful and something my family will always cherish. Isaac is away in Orlando until Sunday night. I can't wait to show the book to him. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure working with you.
Rachel Fleischer

ID Interactive Design did the best job one could possibly envision. I sent them the pictures knowing that they were not good quality because they were taken more than 30 years ago. Even with old photographs, the album came out amazing! Thank you to ID Interactive Design for a wonderful and professional job; well done.
Silvia Cattan

Vanina, I can not thank you enough for the AMAZING job you did on Shelbyís Bat Mitzvah album!!! It is so beautiful and so very special. The quality of our album is top notch, without the hefty price tag. And I canít believe how many options we had to choose from ó an incredible array of papers and styles that Iíve never seen before. You were such a pleasure to work with, and I truly appreciate all that you did to go above and beyond to help us meet our deadline. You even delivered our album to us weeks before it was promised ó thatís certainly a first! I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Elizabeth Wasserman

Thank you Vanina Tarlovsky for making an incredible sign in book for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah next weekend. You were very accommodating and a pleasure to work with! I'm excited to have you make an album for us next! I love the acrylic albums and also the metal albums.
Jami Saperstein

Vanina Tarlovsky did ours and it is nothing like anything you could ever get on Shutterfly. Yes it's more expensive than Shutterfly but in my opinion it is worth every penny. I will treasure this book forever.
Suzy Venezia

Vanina Tarlovsky: I'll be honest, when I saw you recommended by so many people for sign-in books I didn't get it. I thought it was something that someone could just go to Shutterfly and get and would be a wasted expense, but when I was on such a time crunch, my husband contacted you and I'M SO GLAD HE DID!! As a graphic designer, I was incredibly impressed by your work. You created a work of art instead of just a photo collection in a book. This will be a keepsake that she will treasure forever.
Freddie the Artist and Suzy Venezia

I was waiting until my daughterís Bat Mitzvah is over to give my shout outs, but I canít wait to say how much I LOVE the sign in board by id interactive design. I canít stop looking at it.
Risa Schwartz

Vanina made such a great work!!!! We are very happy with the photo album of our daugther bat mitzva that she made for us!! It is like living again the party while we are looking at it!!!! I recomend to do the album with Vanina, because she is very professional, easygoing and understand exactly what we wanted!!!! Thanks again Vani!!!!!
Sabrina Ideses

I just picked up my photo sign in book made by Vanina Tarlovsky and it is so beautiful I almost cried! She was so easy to work with and nice! The whole process was a pleasure! I highly recommend her for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah photo books/albums- high quality, beautiful, and reasonable prices!
Jessica Blanco

I just wanted to share that I used Vanina from ID Interactive Design for my sign in book for my daughters Bat Mitzvah and it turned out AMAZING!! I will be using her for my albums after the bat mitzvah! Sheís great to work with.
Anne Sweedler Brodsky

I love the new photo book done by Vanina! I needed to do a beautiful photo book for my parents ď50th AnniversaryĒ. I wanted something stunning and very special. I was short of timeÖ Vanina helped me organize about 60-80 photos, and created gorgeous graphic designs. The final product came out so amazing that I was far beyond my expectations! She created a piece of art! I am extremely grateful and looking forward to the next time I use her services! I recommend her to anyone that wants a creative, unique, special photo book or anything else that she can do!
Iris S.

Thank you to ID Interactive Design and Vanina Tarlovsky as she made something much more than a photo album for our family. She made a creative work of art filled with our personal sentimental memories that we needed to last forever. We loved the way we became part of the creative process, where each one of our thoughts and ideas were received, heard and incorporated into the final product. The actual quality of the stunning photographic display surpassed our expectations. The materials used were quality leather, metal, and thick pages. It is a joy to behold and will be a treasured keepsake handed down throughout our family.
We highly recommend ID Interactive Design and Vanina. Ask for what you want and watch the process unfold in a timely fashion. Attention to detail and wonderful service is all part of the package!
David Ockman

My daughter told me this past Saturday night that she wanted a photo sign-in book. At that point her bat mitzvah was officially less than 2 weeks away. I am a full-time attorney and knew I did not have the time or patience to do this on my own. I searched this page because I remembered someone mentioning a person who designed photo sign-in books. I contacted Vanina Tarlovsky pretty sure that it was going to impossible to get this done in time. I was wrong! It is being sent to print as I type this. It is awesome and my daughter was literally gasping and giggling as I showed her the downloads of the book. Vanina was super duper patient with me and my lack of computer skills. She was a pleasure to work with and her love of what she designs is evident. Thank you Vanina!!
Marji Purisch Sachs

Going to Vanina Tarlovsky for the beautiful sign in book she designed for my son's Bar Mitzvah. Vanina is a pleasure to work with. Made my life a lot easier during the stressful planning period.
Galit Perl Gregory

Vanina exceeded my expectations with her amazing work. She produced a beautiful sign in book and creative service program for my sonís bar mitzvah. I cannot begin to tell you how many compliments I received on both.
She gives a high-quality product at a reasonable price point, in a short period of time. It was obvious to me she takes pride in what she does and genuinely enjoys it.
Vanina was easy to work with and I look forward to working with her again for my daughterís bat mitzvah.
Michelle Fox

The sign in book that Vanina Tarlovsky created for my son is a true work of art. The book captions the exact essence of the party. I know our guests are going to think its a gorgeous as we do. Vanina was a delight to work with. Very professional and very sweet. I know that I will be using her again to caption our family's important moments.
Debra Lieberman Miller

I just want to say how amazing Vanina Tarlovsky is!! I needed a sign in book for my daughter's bat mitzvah and was a little pressed for time. She was truly a blessing to work with and had it done within 2 weeks! She just personally delivered it to my house and I couldn't be more thrilled with the book. It completely exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend if you need a photo book or album call her! She is very reasonably priced and we will be using her for albums for our party pictures! Thank you so much Vanina and this group for suggesting her!
Melissa Prues Propper

My experience was amazing. I did not have much time to make an album of the life of my son who was doing Bar Mitzvah, but Vanina not only inspired me but also made something that seemed impossible. When the photo album arrived I could not believe how beautiful it was. It really is a work of art that shows many feelings. many thanks!!!
Mimi Kiblisky

I just met with Vanina today. My CD has been sitting on my desk for two years. She is so creative. Her work is beautiful. You can see her heart and soul in her creations. I am beyond thrilled and canít wait to see the album! Thank you to the site to get me motivated.
Susan Edelstein Brust

Creativity is limitless! Vanina has made a photo album that will surely pass from generation to generation in my family. Vanina is pure talent!
Valeria Kohen

Vani! Thank you so much for your outstanding work! I don't get tired to look at it and feel amazing it is that among 400 pictures you manage to put such a thing together capturing Ryan's personality.. The book it's a great reflection of this time of his life and I could have found a better way to capture this time.. You are not only talented but sensitive to perceive and interpret my mind into glossy images that would help this memories be with us always true time...Thank u so much not just for your professionalism but most of all for your love and dedication with such a personal project.. Love the emotions every page awakes! Priceless ...
Sheila Michael

I have been fortunate to purchase a few lovely items from Vanina. My first purchase was a beautiful album that she put together for my grandmother. I would never have the time or talent to design a photo album this incredible! It was the best gift I ever gave my grandmother and she was so happy to receive it. I later purchased an amazing hand painted kiddish cup for my cousins upcoming wedding. Vani took the time to really personalize the gift and they also absolutely loved it. If you are looking for a great personalized gift for a loved one, I would strongly recommend calling Vani.
Lee Solomon

Vani created our wedding album, many years after the big day took place. I am so grateful that I procrastinated, because Vani was amazing. Creative and patient-- she collaborated with me to make sure the final product was exactly what we wanted. I love our album- and VANI. A true professional who is totally committed to her work.
Joanna Tessler

I was looking for something a little different to document the wonderful memories of my daughter, Danielle's bat mitzvah. Vanina created a unique and artistic photo album like no other. She was very professional, showed great initiative and was wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend Vanina if you want someone to take on a creative project that you want to cherish for a long time.
Melisse Burstein

Working with Vanina to do my daughter's Bat Mitzvah photo album was a pleasure, especially since it was very organized and practical. The difficult task of selecting the photos was a pleasure because she made it so easy, therefore allowing the job to be completed.
I trusted her 100% with the design and the decisions related to the making of this album; I highly value her suggestions and professional judgement.
Sabrina Malik

Beautiful Photo Album! Great design and well detailed!
Elizabeth Waingarten

Thank you Vanina! Very good job with the albums, on the choice of the photos, the design and quality! And also thank you for your perseverance that let me to make the albums!!!
Sandra Perchik

I had a very good experience working with Vanina. She guided me in choosing the photos. The final work was super!!! I Extremely recommend the photo albums and her job.
Sara Bucay

Vani does an amazing job capturing the most special moments in my family's life. Her work is so creative and beautiful and bring the biggest smile to face. Every time I look at them, I treasure the moment even more than before. Her work fills my home with love and I am blessed to know such a special and talented woman.
Madelyn Trupkin Herzfeld